Discover the Authentic Difference

From our spicy chicken jalfrezi to our creamy cauliflower cheese or our tantalising chilli con carne, at Authentic we cook our special recipes differently. We take food seriously so we use only the finest ingredients and home-style cooking methods to create simply irresistible dishes.

Only the finest ingredients

Using the best quality ingredients is a recipe for success. That’s why our ingredients are premium quality and locally supplied wherever possible.

Home-style cooking

When it comes to achieving our authentic homemade taste, we never cut corners. That’s why our chefs, not machines, cook our recipes. Our production process is basically the same now as it was back at the start, we cook our products as you would at home, with in most cases the meat and sauce cooked as one, guaranteeing the flavours and textures on which we pride ourselves. Our raw materials are sourced through partnerships developed over many years, ensuring a constant supply of high quality ingredients every time.

Creativity and imagination for every dish

Our dedicated recipe development team is constantly improving and developing old and new recipes alike. From perfecting our delicious onion gravy to creating a bespoke seasonal dish for a national supermarket chain, our chefs have the skill and imagination to tantalise even the most discerning taste buds.

Authentic is an independently owned company with the passion to care and the facilities and expertise to deliver.


Our Story

Humble Beginnings

David Smith and Paul Trotman, the founders of The Authentic Curry Company, met in 1995 when Paul became a resident at David’s motel, Roch Gate, in Pembrokeshire. During his time at the motel, Paul watched with great interest how night after night customers came from far and wide to enjoy David’s curries.

He also saw how countless other licensees in the area approached David with a desire to purchase his curries for their own menu. It wasn’t long before David and Paul, who had become good friends, began thinking about the possibility of a curry sales company. During a dinner and dance they attended in 1996, no fewer than four of Roch Gate Motel’s competitors expressed a keen interest to buy David’s curries. The interest made up their minds about the potential for the business venture and they established The Authentic Curry Company.

A taste for growth

The Authentic Curry Company initially operated out of the kitchen at Roch Gate Motel but within six months, it had outgrown the facilities. In September 1996, David and Paul moved the company into dedicated premises (see picture below) with storage, cooling and chilling facilities. After 12 months however, an even larger unit was required.


Original premises


In 1997, David and Paul acquired and fully equipped a 3,000 square foot unit to ensure production could match continued growth. Over the following five years The Authentic Curry Company changed beyond recognition. Staff numbers grew from 5 to over 20, and the customer base and turnover increased year on year. In 2002, the company had once again outgrown its facilities and relocated to a 12,000 square foot unit, just a mile down the road. At this point, Huw Barnes joined the team as Technical Director. Huw’s extensive experience within the food manufacturing industry enabled him to design the unit’s layout and infrastructure to achieve a BRC A Grade, a welcomed sign of peace of mind for customers.

Up until 2002, foodservice clients alone had driven the year-on-year growth but the directors saw potential in the market for retail products and launched the first retail range. It was at this stage that the World Foods brand was also launched, enabling the company to expand its range into dishes from around the world. With both The Authentic Curry Company and World Foods brand maintaining a relentless commitment to home-style cooking the finest ingredients, and a flexible, responsive approach to meeting buyers’ demands, by 2004 the success of the retail range had attracted the attention of buyers from the foodservice and catering markets, and an extensive expansion in this direction followed.


Authentic Today

Phenomenal growth in the catering, retail and foodservice markets has once again changed The Authentic Curry Company beyond recognition. Staff numbers have doubled and the company now manufactures over 100 products designed for staff and customer facing restaurants, foodservice clients, local authorities as well as an extensive retail range.

New Authentic brand

In 2010, a new product development department was created, including a fully equipped NPD kitchen, dedicated to creating new and exiting dishes and meeting bespoke briefs.

With so many dishes and markets to cater for, in 2011 The Authentic Curry Company and World Foods brand merged, being rebranded as Authentic Curries and World Foods. The new Authentic brand simplifies buying decisions and places the company in a strong position to pursue further growth.